The following complete turnkey, hands-off, auto-pilot niche affiliate website is now available for sale.

niche camera web site for sale

Imagine having visitors choose from thousands of products from thousands of vendors… all automatically updated for you 24 hours a day! Your site will allow them to compare prices on cameras, video camcorders, accessories, binoculars and many more products.

niche camera web site for sale

And no matter what merchant they purchase from, YOU get the commission!

This is a custom designed ecommerce web site that you can run yourself, or “flip” for a quick profit.

This site can be yours for just $395 down (with the balance in 3 monthly installments) which includes 3 months of free hosting or outright for just $895.

Here’s what you get:

  • Ownership of Domain ‘’
  • Complete customized, turnkey, hands-off website
  • Guide to customization of your site (if you choose) including how to use your affiliate control panel
  • The $5 a month traffic secret. This secret method is what we use to grab top search engine spots and drive traffic to our sites for just $5 a month plus a few hours of work.
  • 3 months of hosting free. Full featured hosting account with Cpanel, email, ftp, stats, file manager, software installers and more.

How Do You Make Money With This Site?

Every time a visitor clicks through a buys ANY product on your site or clicks on an ad, YOU earn a COMMISSION!

Imagine having a site where:

  • you earn commissions on every sale
  • you own the domain
  • you own the website
  • you can keep or ‘flip’ the site for a profit

Here’s how you get paid:

  1. Google Adsense: on each page, at least one adsense advertising unit is shown with relevant ads every time the page is displayed. Each time one of your visitors clicks an ad, you get a commission. Google pays you every month directly.
  2. Clickbank: On the top left corner of every page of your site is a block of ads targeted to photography is displayed to your visitors. Each time a visitor clicks through and buys, you get a commission. And since Clickbank information products are high profit, you often get 50-75% commission on each sale. Clickbank pays you directly every 2 weeks.
  3. Amazon: On your home page, a block of best selling digital cameras is displayed on the left hand side. Each time a visitor clicks through and buys anything from Amazon, you get a commission. Amazon is also one of the direct merchants that displays product pricing comparisons and if a visitors clicks through and buys from Amazon, you also get a commission. Amazon pays you directly every month.
  4. Price Comparison Affiliate Networks: In main section of your site is the price comparison engine that is mostly powered by affiliate networks rather than individual vendors. If a visitor clicks through and buys any products out of the thousands available, you earn a commission and receive payment directly from the affiliate network once a month.

Of course, you can add any additional affiliate network or advertising to your site at any time.

Can I Modify The Site?

Yes, you can modify your site in any way you like – it’s all yours! We provide a guide to getting around your site and help you make changes if you choose to.

How Do I Get Traffic?

As you may know, traffic is the keystone to a success web site. There are many ways to drive traffic to a web site and we provide the one method we’ve used to drive traffic and get top search engine rankings that’s worked head and shoulders above any other. This method costs just $5 a month and a few hours of work (we can help do the work for you as well or you can outsource it elsewhere). This method regularly gets our sites into the top 10 results of Google and other engines and recently got us in the top 3 of Google with 58 million competitive sites!

Can I Add More Items To My Site?

Yes, you can add more products to your site navigation at any time. We provide you with complete instructions on exactly how to do it.

Can You Build Me A Site In A Different Niche?

Sure thing! Just let us know which niche you’d like and we can build a custom site for you, normally at the same price. Just use the contact form on this site or leave a comment below (comments are private).

Can I Host The Site On My Server?

You can choose to continue hosting with us for less than $10 a month (annual) or move your site to your own host or server. Either way, you get your first three months of hosting free.

How Do I Get Started?

Use the contact form here on our site or leave a comment below (private) and we will contact you asap to get started.